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Around AD 800, a superbly carved cross-slab was erected at Hilton of Cadboll in north-east Scotland. The major part of the stone stand now in the National Museum of Scotland, and the story of what happened to it in the intervening centuries is told here.


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  • Resource type

    Book chapter

  • Institution
    • National Museums Scotland

  • Book title
    • A fragmented masterpiece: recovering the biography of the Hilton of Cadboll Pictish cross-slab

  • Editor
    • James, Heather F
    • Henderson, Isabel
    • Foster, Sally M
    • Jones, Sian
  • Pagination
    • 1-10

  • Publisher
    • Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

  • Place of publication
    • Edinburgh

  • ISBN
    • 9780903903424

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    • CC

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