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An important child's burial from Doune, Perthshire, Scotland



From Sickles to circles marks the retirement of Professor Derek Simpson from his Chair at Queen's University of Belfast and brings together both renowned scholars in the field of British prehistoric archaeology and students. The dedication written by Alex Gibson is followed by twenty-two essays that address a variety of subjects covering the period from the 4th to 1st millennia BC. Although I would like to list them all, space permits just a few: From madhouse to megaliths (Aubrey Burl); Time, space and the standing stones round Calanais (Patrick Ashmore); Some more thoughts on Neolithic round barrows (Ian Kinnes); Hostilities in early Neolithic Ireland (Dermot Moore); Bell Beaker and Corded Ware culture burial associations (Humphrey Case); Child's burial from Doune, Perth and Kinross, Scotland (Dawn McLaren); The British Bronze Age: a personal memoir (Colin Burgess). 384p, b/w figs and pls, 11 tbs (Tempus 2004)


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    • Sickles & circles: Britain & Ireland at time of Stonehenge

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