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Lancefield Quay Ceramic Resource Disc 5 (Verreville Pottery)


The ceramic material listed, described, and photographed, on the enclosed ceramic resource disk, comes from an archaeological excavation funded by, and carried out at Lancefield Quay on the banks of the River Clyde and almost certainly a dumping ground in the 1850 for the nearby Verreville pottery and later from a Stoneware pottery. The ceramic material is generally in a very poor state as much of it has been stained by iron etc. I have sorted out from the mass what I thought important by fabric type, decoration, and form, into (30 Word Files). This material has been assigned to Glasgow Museums and was catalogued using there accession numbers (GM 2006. 06. 1 to 96) and (illus 1 to 92). The material will be housed in Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, 200 Woodland Road, South Nitshill Industrial Estate, Glasgow G53 7NN: Tel 0141 276 9300 where it will be available for study


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