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What is amber?

4 April 2012


How Is Amber Produced?; Amber Inclusions; Evidence of Animal Behavior; Animal Products; Preservationl Inorganic Inclusionsl Animal Interactions; Parasitism; Mutualism; Commensalism; Predation; Plant Inclusions; Gymnosperms; Angiosperms; The Ancient Amber Forests; The Search for DNA; Reports of DNA in Amber; Is Jurassic Park Possible?


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    Book chapter

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    • National Museums Scotland

  • Book title
    • A world of insects

  • Editor
    • Cardé, Ring T.
    • Resh, Vincent H.
  • Pagination
    • 287-299

  • Publisher
    • Harvard University Press

  • Place of publication
    • Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • ISBN
    • 9780674046191

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    • Harvard University Press

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    • QH

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