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The visit of king George IV to Scotland, August 1822.

12 April 2012


This lavishly illustrated catalogue, published to accompany the major exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, in 2012, explores the history of the Thames as a stage for Royal power, celebration and symbolism. It provides a thematic overview of major events and key individuals from the Tudor age onwards. Dr David Starkey, the leading authority on Britain's royal history, is the exhibition's guest curator. Dr Starkey and other experts examine the history of the Thames, London's greatest 'street'. The book includes colourful and sometimes unexpected stories of royal arrivals, coronations and marriages; the Lord Mayor's Procession and London's ancient livery companies; ship launches and bridge openings; frost fairs and boat races; and the solemn splendour of Lord Nelson's funeral procession.


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    Book chapter

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    • National Museums Scotland

  • Book title
    • Royal river: power pageantry and the Thames

  • Editor
    • Starkey, David
    • Doran, Susan
    • Blyth, Robert
  • Pagination
    • 230-235

  • Publisher
    • Scala

  • Place of publication
    • London

  • ISBN
    • 9781857597004

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    • National Maritime Museum

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    • AM

    • D1

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    • Additional section with images of related objects pp 246 - 249.