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Recycling of ancient silver: a scientist’s view.



Based on the exhibition Scotland's Early Silver, opening at the National Museum of Scotland, 13 October - 25 February 18. In Scotland, silver, not gold, was the most important and powerful precious metal for a thousand years, from the arrival of the Roman army until the dawn of the Viking Age. The breadth of National Museum Scotland's collections, with the support of The Glenmorangie Company, puts National Museums Scotland in a unique position to reveal the role of silver in the development of the first kingdoms of Scotland. The book showcases beautiful objects and tells the story of silver during the emergence of early medieval kingdoms. It builds on the Glenmorangie Research Project and gives fresh insights into this formative period of Scottish history. Alice Blackwell is the Glenmorangie Research Fellow; Dr Martin Goldberg is Senior Curator, Early Historic and Viking Collections; and Dr Fraser Hunter is Principal Curator, Iron Age, Roman, Early History - all at National Museums Scotland.


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