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Early Medieval Scotland: Individuals, communities and ideas



The elaborately carved Hilton of Cadboll stone, the house-shaped Monymusk Reliquary and the sumptuously decorated Hunterston brooch (all on view in the National Museum of Scotland) are evidence of the sophistication of Scottish craftsmen in the time AD 300-900, formerly known as the 'Dark Ages'. A pioneering partnership between National Museums Scotland and The Glenmorangie Company has supported a major programme of research into the archaeology of Scotland during the Early Medieval period. The findings are revealed in this heavily illustrated landmark book which uses objects to explore the lives of individuals and communities during this period, as well as their ideas and ideologies. The book presents a re-evaluation of this key period of Scotland's past, a time that saw the creation of some of the most treasured and enigmatic objects from within the National Museum of Scotland's collections.


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