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Faunistic records from the Czech Republic - 476. [Cotesia gades]


Cotesia gades (Nixon, 1974). Bohemia mer., Stará Hlína, Výtopa Rožmberka Nature Reserve (6954b), 49°3′5.894″ N 14°47′39.197″ E, 425 m a.s.l., 27.vii.2018, 9 ♂♂ 86 ♀♀, body length 3.2 mm, reared from caterpillar of Stauropus fagi (Linnaeus, 1758) (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) collected from a grass stem on a mesophilic fishpond bank covered with semi-open vegetation with willows, A. Suchá�ková Bartoňová leg., M. R. Shaw det., coll. M. Rindoš (Figs 1–6). In Europe, it is currently known from Germany (Nixon 1974), Hungary (Papp 1988), Macedonia (Papp 2009) and United Kingdom (Allen 1978). This rare gregarious species was described from material reared in Radbrich (Germany) and reported so far only from the host S. fagi (Nixon 1974, Yu et al. 2012). The holotype is housed in the Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom (BMNH). New species for the fauna of the Czech Republic.


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