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Review of various titles: Neolithic Britain and Ireland: are we nearly there?



Review of several volumes about Neolithic Britain: HILARY K. MURRAY, J. CHARLES MURRAY & SHANNON M. FRASER. A tale of the unknown unknowns: a Mesolithic pit alignment and a Neolithic timber hall at Warren Field, Crathes, Aberdeenshire. Oxford: Oxbow, 2009.978-1-84217-347-3 ANNA RITCHIE. On the fringe of Neolithic Europe: excavation of a chambered cairn on the Holm of Papa Westray, Orkney. Edinburgh: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland,2009. 978-0-903903-47-9 CHRIS FENTON-THOMAS. A place by the sea: excavations at Sewerby Cottage Farm, Bridlington. York: On-Site Archaeology (On-Site Archaeology Monograph 1),2009. 978-0-9561965-0-7 LILIAN LADLE & ANN WOODWARD. Excavations at Bestwall Quarry, Wareham 1992–2005. Volume 1: the prehistoric landscape (Dorset Natural History and Archaeological SocietyMonograph 19) Dorchester: Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society,2009. 978-0-900341-88-5 MARTIN SMITH & MEGAN BRICKLEY. People of the long barrow: life, death and burial in the earlier Neolithic. Stroud: The History Press,2009. 978-0- 7524-4733-9 KENNY BROPHY & GORDON BARCLAY(ed.). Defining a regional Neolithic: the evidence from Britain and Ireland. Oxford:Oxbow,2009. 978-1-84217-333-6 VICKI CUMMINGS. A view from the West: the Neolithic of the Irish Sea zone. Oxford: Oxbow, 2009. 978-1-84217-362-6


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