Pottery. In: Black, S. 'Pathfoot: the lost village of shoemakers' - NMS Research Repository
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Pottery. In: Black, S. 'Pathfoot: the lost village of shoemakers'


During July and August 2016, Northlight Heritage undertook archaeological works on behalf of Cala Homes (West) Ltd. In response to a planning condition by Stirling Council, in advance of a housing development at Sheriffmuir Road, Bridge of Allan, It was thought the site could lie on or near the former and now lost village of Pathfoot. Immediately north of the new housing sits an upstanding building named Blawlowan, which once formed part of Pathfoot. It had variously been used as an inn as well as being involved directly in the tanning of leather and shoe making. The archaeological remains uncivered included a possible stable or pathway associated with the inn at Blawlowan along with a circular stone and clay lined pit that wouldhave been located to the rear of a row of houses within the former village. This pit was associated with leather working, however rather than being part of the tanning process it seems more probable it rewlated to one of the tasks undertaken by the currier e.g. dressing, fishing, colouring or, perhaps, more likely, liming. Through examination of documentary records it was also possible to gain an insight into the expansion of Airthrey Estate and the subsequent demise of Pathfoot village.


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